Perl education at Haifa university

Shlomo Yona ( gives a series of lectures covering Perl topics from very basic Perl to advanced Perl programming, also focusing on special professions and research topics, showing how using Perl can help make hard things easy and seemingly impossible things possible.


To expose the audience to the Perl programming language and its capabilities.

For example, researchers can use it for rapid prototyping and development, which are useful if you want to show something works without spending weeks on it.


If we still have room, anyone with some background using some programming languages (for example, C) can take the course.


The first 3-4 lessons present very basic stuff for the benefit of newcommers to Perl. They took place daily from 29/9/2002-1/10/2002.

Lectures take place once a week, every Tuesday from 18:00-20:00. These lectures are about more focused issues such as (tentative program - some lectures might span over more than one meeting, and the items of the list are listed with no particular order):


The course is in vacation for now.
Once it reopens, this page will contain a message.

Next weekly lecture (please check this out weekly to see future lectures and their topics)

DBI (The database interface)
CGI programming
Building and maintaining a CPAN module


The series of lectures will take place at Haifa university at the Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Foundation Institute for Interdisciplinary Applications of Computer Science Classroom C-502 (also known as 3-502) at the Feldman (education-science complex) building (a new building).

C.R.I. secretary: 04-8288337/9
Shlomo's office: 04-8288358

LECTURE NOTES (from previous lectures):

  1. Lecture #1 slides -- one large page 29/09/2002 Learning Perl 1
  2. Lecture #2 slides -- one large page 30/09/2002 Learning Perl 2
  3. Lecture #3 slides -- one large page 01/10/2002 Learning Perl 3
  4. Lecture #4 slides -- one large page 01/10/2002 References and building data structures
  5. Lecture #5 slides -- one large page 08/10/2002 Sorting in Perl
  6. Lecture #6 slides -- one large page 15/10/2002 Communicating with the outside world
  7. Lecture #7 slides -- one large page 22/10/2002 Including Perl code, Pragmatic Modules and CPAN
  8. Lecture #8 slides -- one large page 29/10/2002 Things you can do with Perl that you'd otherwise do with your browser
  9. Lecture #9 slides -- one large page 12/11/2002 Closures and Lambda Calculus in Perl


The Israel Perl Mongers is a group of people who use Perl and meet on a monthly basis to learn from one another issues relating to Perl. Activities mostly take place in Tel-Aviv, but sometimes they take place also in Haifa.

Haifux - is the Haifa Linux Club, which is designed to be a home for Linux users and programmers in the Haifa area. They give lectures on Linux related issues every two weeks at the Technion.


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