Hebrew Treebank

The Hebrew Treebank Version 2.0 contains 6500 hand-annotated sentences of news items from the MILA HaAretz Corpus, with full word segmentation and morpho-syntactic analysis. Morphological features that are not directly relevant for syntactic structures, like roots, templates and patterns, are not analyzed.

Hebrew Treebank 2.0

Hebrew Treebank 1.0

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This resource can be used freely. Any publication resulting from the use of this corpus should refer to it as "The MILA Hebrew Treebank" and cite:

Khalil Sima'an, Alon Itai, Yoad Winter, Alon Altman and Noa Nativ. "Building a Tree-Bank of Modern Hebrew Text." Traitment Automatique des Langues, 42, 347-380. 2001. [BibTeX]

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